Welcome to Kitchen Witchery & Other Spells! Here is where you will find videos and blog posts about food from the pre-Columbian Exchange era (pre-1500s), the gluten free diet, low-carb/keto, Paleo/Primal, and Mediterranean diets. It’s an adventure in culinary science and art with a bit of history thrown in. We also talk about different pagan holidays such as Imbolc and Ostara and the like. Coming from a very religious background, the “witchy” videos you will find here are meant to be either an alternative to the practices you already perform, in addition to them, or just a jumping-off point for something new! Everyone’s journey is unique and everyone’s journey is different. As an ordained minister, the purpose is to guide and/or assist you on your journey through this thing we call life.

By this point, KWOS has been around for almost a full year. There is a Patreon channel where you will find access to exclusive content and Discord channels and all of those wonderful things! Please consider supporting me there so I can continue to bring you entertaining and educational videos each and every week!

I’m not fancy!

Kryssie Mackey