Kitchen Witchery & Other Spells is an aspect of Kryssie Mackey, artist, Ph.D. candidate, researcher, gamer, and more. Kryssie was diagnosed in 2017 with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (a diagnosis that has been somewhat reneged) and in 2018 with Lupus. Though never officially diagnosed as cealiac, she does have issues with certain wheat products, gluten-containing foods, and things with similar proteins. She’s a mess!

In January of 2020, she decided to do a full elimination-diet, and following a pre-Columbian Exchange nutrition plan. She uses a base of 4 cookbooks for all her meals, one of which is medieval, one of which is “geeky” (The Hobbit), one of which is vegetarian, and the other with 500, 3-ingredient recipes to choose from. Her life is not boring!

In addition to her pursuit of health through her diet, Kryssie is also a practicing “Wise Woman.” Perhaps “Apothecary”? What about the term “Witch”? These were all terms to describe those who used folk medicine for healing purposes. Having Lupus means not being able to get all the vaccines (only dead viruses, please), which means getting creative in treatment! She will occasionally make a post or a video about those things, too, but those are reserved for her top tiers of support on Patreon.

Where to Find Kryssie

Currently, I live in LA Harbor, which is the Barony of Lyondemere.

Barony of Lyondemere

California is a big place. It’s divided into two Kingdoms. My Kingdom is Fresno to San Diego, plus Las Vegas & Hawaii.

Kingdom of Caid

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a world-wide, 501c non-profit organization dedicated to recreating the middle ages.


Let’s feast together!