Gratitude Altar How-To

Mirror, mirror on the altar…

Merry meet and blessings be, my Witchlettes!

Even though Lughnasadh is past, it doesn’t mean we can’t remain in the spirit of the holiday and carry forth our gratitude through the remainder of the year! This video shows you how you can create a Gratitude Altar. I get a bit raw in it and nearly cry, so you can watch that. 🙂 Regardless, gratitude is such a needful thing in our current situation.

What can you be thankful for during this panedemic? We have so many things that weigh us down, let’s start thinking and recognizing the things that can lift us up and help us drown in thankfulness and send that beacon of light into the world!

I’m thankful for Cameraman Ken who has been nothing but supportive since I started this endeavor; I’m thankful for my sister who understands my obsession with spiders; for my friends both here and abroad; for SCIENCE (wear your damn masks!); for my increasing abilities in cooking; for all of you and the Kitchen Witchery & Other Spells channel–even though I don’t make money from these videos, doesn’t mean I never will. It just means I need to do more and be better. Good things are on my horizon, if I just stop to take a moment to acknowledge all the good that is in my present.

What are you grateful for? Please, share with me in the comments here, or on the video, or in my Discord, or even on my Patreon. I would love to hear from you!