Imbolc Ritual Incense

This video is so gross. LOL

I hate stuff under my nails and when the stuff includes two different textures PLUS something sticky. Nope. I’m just going to nope out of that.

So, clearly, I love you guys. <3

Alright, this incense will take 1-2 weeks to dry, so if you are definitely planning on using it for Imbolc rituals (which tend to start in the evening of February 1), you need to make this today. If you don’t have powdered cedarwood (because you don’t live at a sawmill) or powdered basil, that’s fine. It will still work. You can use a coffee/herb grinder to get the bits as finely ground as possible. I really miss my herb grinder. It’s somewhere in storage.

Cameraman Ken bravely cut the cedar chips I have by hand. It took a bit, but he got them relatively uniform in size. The basil was the end of a container, so it was pretty finely ground, anyway. You will need 5tsp of Cedarwood per 1tsp of basil. The honey is just enough to stick it all together. Use a craft stick to stir it or use some disposable gloves to do it by hand. Disposable gloves would have been smart, but hey! This was more entertaining!

Like I mentioned in the video, I don’t make incense this way. I find it overly messy and not as useable as regular loose incense. The incense I created for Imbolc can be found here. You’ll need to order soon for it to arrive in time for Imbolc. And I do not currently have all the ingredients I need for my Ostara incense; however, I do have an Ostara anointing oil that can work just as well in your rituals (unless you’re burning it, which, I don’t think I’d recommend that). Hopefully, I will be able to get the remaining items I need for the Ostara incense and I’ll update everyone when that hits the shop (hopefully in time for Ostara).

There will be a ritual for Imbolc. I may post it a little early so you can participate around 6pm on February 1 (not required by any means, but I want to have that option for you). Given how I use incense, I will likely use the incense from my shop for the ritual. I will probably use the stuff from this video for cleaning my apartment. Like, physically and metaphysically. 

This is a short video and a short blog post today. We’ll have more stuff next week!