Live & Learn, then Make Meatloaf!

I did a LiveStream last night, via Facebook.  It seemed to go well, however, it would appear I need some equipment–like a tripod, a livelier, better lighting.  The lighting I can deal with, for now.  Tripod would be nice so I don’t have to rope Ken into doing all my videoing by literal hand.  The livelier, though, that is going to be a must before I do the first video.  Hopefully, I can order one next week after pay-day.

I also learned that any videos that LiveStream in landscape, will archive 180* turned.  It’s annoying, but it is what is.  I will know for future LiveStreaming to do it vertically.

Anyway!  Last night I made a 5th Century, C.E. Roman meatloaf.  It was 2lbs of ground meat (I used 80/20), 5 eggs, dried parsley, oregano, & black pepper; with a mushroom gravy made with 2c. beef broth, 8oz sliced mushrooms, and the same spices.  It took much longer than 60 minutes for it to cook through, perhaps because I used a glass dish instead of a metal one.  The original recipe can be found here and note, there is a Vegan version of this as well!

Roman meatloaf with Gravy, Saged Rutabaga, & GF Yorkshire Pudding

For the side dishes, I reheated the saged rutabaga from the other night, and we had the remaining two gluten free Yorkshire puddings.  Those were good, but I want to work on my flour blend before I post a recipe or do a video for them.