Long Day, but Good Day

Today started with a never-ending car alarm going off from about 7:00am til I finally gave up around 9am. Ken had already gone to lie down in the bath when I got up and had the brilliant idea of making a Porter Cake for breakfast.

A Porter Cake is similar to a fruit cake, but uses beer instead of brandy. Then I discovered I didn’t have enough butter. So I made 3/4c of butter, which I then used for the cake…and then we made another 3 1/4 c of butter and a quart of buttermilk.

The cake took a bit longer to bake…and I thought it was because our over was off. I set up a herbal infusion in my mini crock, made a shopping list, then went out for our errand run. Once we got home (after about 3 hours of errands), we did some maintenance planting, I made some lemon curd in my Instant Pot, then we got started on veggies for dinner and dressing the chicken.

One of the things we purchased was an over thermometer. Turns out our oven is about 75°F cooler than what it says it is. Yikes. The chicken & root veggies cake out well. The lemon curd tastes amazing, and we have a bunch of butter!

Here are some photos from today:

Butter, buttermilk, & the Porter Cake
Roasted chicken with homemade herb butter, carrots, rutabagas, & turnips.

Tomorrow I have plans for videos. I’m thinking of actually showing you how to make the spaghetti omelette and definitely planning a video on how to make baked Scotch eggs. I think you’ll enjoy them. Until next time, blessed be!