Mabon Ritual: Solitary Practitioner

Featuring, my boobs.

During the time of filming this video, Cameramen Ken was out of town. So, I had to do this myself. And it occurred to me that I really don’t have a clue as to what I’m doing. Plus, I’m not comfortable being by myself doing my practice outside. At least not near my neighbors. Who don’t wear masks or use social distancing. I thought everyone was gone, but no! I had neighbor aggro.

Oh, well. I suppose that’s what my focus for the Autumnal Equinox season should be: Being proud of my faith and my practice and not allowing myself to feel less-than simply because others may find it weird or “unnatural.”

So, this ritual came from the Mabon book from Llewellyn’s library. I copied the words into my own grimoire and then did the ritual for you! Sans the sage sticks because I wasn’t comfortable burning sage outside. Not with the ever-encroaching tree. The house is made of wood and it would go up like a tinder box, I suspect. But, I showed you how to do it in the video, sans the actual sage stick. I also don’t have a tray for my items, so you can definitely improvise.

If you want to use a wand, go for it, otherwise you don’t need it. Just make sure you have enough room to walk around (I did not). Give yourself more space than you think you’ll need, if possible. Personally, I would use water for an outdoor ritual since you’re pouring it onto the ground. Cider, beer, and wine could be sticky if allowed to dry and may damage plants or grass. If you do the ritual inside, use whatever you like as you’d be pouring it into bowls.

I hope you have a blessed Mabon.