New Video: Baked Scotch Eggs

Let me tell you a story. This story starts on Friday, February 14, 2020.

(Let me post the link. Come back for the story, if you’d like).

What could be better than an egg wrapped in a meat nest?!

Okay, so. A few things. First, I’m a bisexual, polyamorous, demisexual cis-woman who is married to a cis-het monogomous man and dating a cis-het mostly monogomous man (why I do this to myself is anyone’s guess, but here we are). Regardless, it was Valentine’s Day and my boyfriend was at a gaming convention that I have severe PTSD from (because I used to work there and it’s a long, sad, enraging story that I won’t discuss publically), but I wanted to give him something and FOOD is my thing to give to those I love. I had told him I would bring him dinner for V-Day, but V-Day came and I had no idea what to bring him. *sadface*

In talking with him on the phone, I said that I didn’t have any ideas and I wasn’t sure that I could come up with something and come see him and yada yada. Then I said, “I mean, I could make Scotch Eggs, I guess, but–“

“I’m Jewish,” he reminded me. “I’ve never had Scotch Eggs because they’re made with pork.”

“Ew!” I respond. “I hate pork! I use beef!”

“I know. Which is why Scotch Eggs would be perfect!”

Say no more!

I set about to make Baked Scotch Eggs. And ran out of paprika. Still super tasty, though! Except the BF has a very sensitive digestive tract. Which was partly how I found out my oven was between 50 and 75 degrees F off. The eggs were cooked completely through, but the beef didn’t get up to the required beefy temperature and he felt it!

I’d made an extra egg on V-Day for my front-apartment neighbor (I live in Peck House) because he’d mentioned to my husbeast that he was gluten-free (and Halal-ish) and really liked Scotch Eggs. I dropped one off to him and he told me (later) it was amazing and took him two days to eat! I felt that was a victory. And it was one of the deciding factors in making the video for the Scotch Eggs.

I made the video on Sunday, February 17, 2020, and was headed to the Convention Hotel to spend the night with my boyfriend. I took an extra egg with me (we’d figured out where we needed to set the stove for the correct temperature. Go-go Oven Thermometer!) and gave it to him, if he wanted it. He was very thankful and we discussed the fact that the meat is 80/20 meat:fat ratio. Usually, that’s a problem for him; however, since we made the temperature adjustment on the oven, he was 100% fine and actually ate a good deal of food that evening. I was pretty satisfied with my results. And I’m thrilled that he actually really enjoyed the eggs.