New Video: Chickie Nuggies & Torchbearer Sauces

“Shake! Shake! Shake, Senora!”

Well, well, well! We have some comfort food this time! Gluten-free chicken nuggets with some really awesome sauces! The sauces are not pre-columbian (though, the honey-mustard could pass). The garlic sauce and the Reaper garlic sauce both have nightshades in them. Which should be pretty obvious for the Reaper garlic sauce, but, hey!

The Reaper one is my absolute fave. Even though I know it will tear my stomach up and cause all kinds of inflammation, I still eat it. Now, I will admit that I had a great amount of it on that one chickie nuggie, so, that did contribute to the instant nausea and regret. But, I had some this morning on my egg sammich and I was fine (in fact, I mixed it with the garlic sauce and the honey mustard). Small doses = Happy tummy.

…and yes, mouth sores. I, apparently, have a billion tiny cuts on my gums. It’s a Lupus-thing, honestly. I take very good care of my teeth: I brush daily, floss every other day, and use mouthwash daily. The mouthwash helps keep down the canker sores and ulcers, for the most part. But, my gums are super delicate and, apparently, tear easily. So, yay!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video! We’ve got a video planned for Tuesday that involves using those sauces again! Make sure to ring the notification button so you don’t miss it!