No Video

No video today. Cameraman Ken has been back for a week and we had some major house cleaning to do, because…

My burlesque endeavor is about to take off. We had to make a space for a photography shoot (Tuesday), and I’ve had to gather the last things I needed for the video shoot (Saturday). My debut show will be virtual on November 12. If you decide to purchase tickets, use the code LAVINIA to save $5 and kick me some cash from the show.

That’s it for today. I’m trying to keep my spoons manageable. I have a single edit to make in my dissertation proposal, but it’s causing me stress; the burlesque stuff is causing me stress; my brain weasels are having a field day. I hope to be able to record stuff for Thursday this week. I have videos planned, but time and energy are the two factors that are holding me back, currently.