Sriracha Deviled Eggs

I’m a slut for deviled eggs. Seriously. So, the recipe for the deviled eggs in this video comes from here. The title of the recipe says these are spicy, but I added about 2T of Sriracha and had the distinct impression I should have cracked open my Reaper Evil or The Last Dab because it just didn’t have the bite I wanted.

I will say this, though: Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise in this recipe is the way to go! It has a creamier texture and a much better flavor. Having switched to a Mediterranean diet, I find I must buy large containers of Greek yogurt and Feta cheese crumbles every other week. I use them for everything and I don’t get bored with them because they’re so delicious!

I need to get more of both this week. I’m dangerously low.

I’ll probably also get some meats and hard cheeses and some berries for more charcuterie boards. I made my first one a few weeks ago and it was the best mid-day meal that lasted for hours (because it took hours to eat). It’s, honestly, the perfect thing for Sundays when we make wings in our Instant Pot/Air Fryer. And let me tell you, Imperfect Foods has some of the best party wings we’ve had (we compared them to the stuff we got at the grocery store and Imperfect’s are WAY better). And the Psycho Curry Sauce from Torchbearer’s is to DIE for! We made a lamb and veggie curry with that and it was perfection. We used the rest of the bottle as a marinade for Sunday’s wings and just… *chef’s kiss*.

But, back to the deviled eggs.

First of all, get yourself a Noble Egg Timer Pro. This thing is the best egg timer and you will get perfectly cooked eggs every time. 

Second of all, use fresh eggs. We go through eggs relatively quickly here, so we don’t put them in the fridge (plus, our fridge is too small to contain the awesomeness that is my cooking! …in other words, I make food for an army and we have a lot of leftovers). I was on my last dozen from an 18-ct pack that I’d had for about a week. Order eggs from InstantCart or get some when you go to the store and make deviled eggs within 3 days of receipt of the eggs. According to Cameraman Ken, it makes them easier to peel once they’re finished cooking.

So, deviled eggs are pretty simple and they’re the perfect “fat bomb” for those doing a low carb or keto diet. Once your eggs are cooked and cooled (and the Noble Egg Timer suggests cooling hard-boiled eggs at room temperature, rather than an ice bath), peel them and slice them in half. Pop out the yolks–you’ll use all of them–and mix with your Greek yogurt, Sriracha (or whatever hot sauce you want), dijon mustard, and celery salt; then pipe that into your egg halves and vway-ole! Spicy deviled eggs.

The jaw thing I talked about in the video… that’s been a thing for several years. It’s part of the TMJ I developed from singing opera. I’m sure if I paid thousands of dollars, I could have it fixed by a surgeon, but, with everything else going on in my body, I just don’t see the point. At least it doesn’t lock like it used to before I was diagnosed with Lupus. Small victories.

What are your favorite type of deviled eggs? What type of fat do you use in your guacamole/deviled eggs/potato salad and why is it Greek Yogurt? 😉

Till next time, blessed be!