May and forward

I’m very bad at remembering to update this blog. I’m so very sorry.

May was a stressful and busy month. I was in a flare for most of it. I ran out of my pre-recorded videos and, because of the flare and other chaos, couldn’t produce two videos a week.

Now it’s the first week of June. I’m still sick (or flaring or something) and I am, again, out of videos, so I don’t have any this week.

But what I can tell you is this: I am starting a “carb cycling” diet for the 30 days of June. What it will be is this first week is strictly Keto. Day 1, I hit all my macro goals, but was way under on calories. That was actually awesome because I didn’t feel hungry. Day 2 (today), I woke up with a pain in my abdominal area that could be light food poisoning (not likely) or the effect of a deep tissue muscle spasm in my back that causes my diaphragm to spasm, as well (more likely). Regardless of what it is, it hurts and I’m exhausted.

Taco Tuesday

I made Keto Tacos this morning for breakfast. Made with Impossible Foods ground meat substitute, onions, cheddar shreds, and romaine lettuce. Tasty and very filling. You can find similar recipes at