Low-Carb Carrot Cake (for 2!)

It worked! Yay!

I love when I can make single (or double) serve recipes! I love them more when I can make them in the microwave (like the Keto Tiramisu)! This recipe was really tasty and actually satisfies that carrot cake craving. The only thing I would do differently is double up the cream cheese frosting.

The black walnuts are seriously “Elder Millennial” age. Cameraman Ken remembers when they received them from his grandfather (in Boone, IA) back in the early 1980s (no later than 1983. I was 5 in 1983)! They’ve been in the freezer/deep freeze pretty much ever since. His mother, Linda, was a packrat and only used things like those black walnuts on “special” occasions. She passed away in January of 2018; sadly, Cameraman Ken found her after a week on her kitchen floor. There was a lot surrounding it, but it was a super difficult time for everyone. She would have loved this carrot cake! And the crab cakes!

I’m not one for nuts in my food. I like Hershey bars with almonds; I prefer the Snickers with almonds, and my favorite non-chocolate bar is Payday. But, honestly, that’s as far as I go. I don’t like nuts in my cookies (except the macadamia nut & white chocolate chip cookies…which is the only way I like white chocolate), brownies, fudge, etc. And I especially do not like them in my carrot cake!

Except this time. With black walnuts. Those black walnuts really pulled all the flavors together and enhanced the richness and texture of the cake itself. Now, admittedly, the cake was a bit dry, but that could have been fixed with more cream cheese frosting. Which, y’know, when I make them again, we will add to!

As far as my weight-loss is concerned, I have a feeling I’m not going to really lose any more weight. It sort of makes me sad, but at the same time, I’m feeling healthier than I did 7 years ago when I was powerlifting and on a Paleo/Primal diet. Definitely feeling the best I’ve felt since the autoimmune issues hit me 6 years ago. The day I filmed this video, I was having some weather-change/Lupus flare up issues, but none so great as to keep me in bed all day. Just swollen, tender joints.

I hope you all are remaining in good health, washing your hands, and wearing your masks. We’ll get through this pandemic and we’ll be healthier for it.