New Video: Heathen Cakes

“Gooooo, TEAM!”

What better dish to serve up on a witchery channel than a Heathen Cake! They’re more pies, really. In fact, you use a pre-baked pie crust for them.

They’re called cakes because of the etymology of that word. Cakes were usually what “the poor man” ate: Hearty pie crusts filled with meat and hearty vegetables. This particular recipe is from 14th Century Germany and features beef, apples, a full dozen eggs, and bacon.

Remember: I don’t eat pork. The bacon I used was a package of beef bacon. I also used ground beef in this, but I think a good stew meat of some type would have been better. Regardless, it was still extremely tasty! You have to boil the meat, thus creating a stock (which is why ground meat doesn’t work well in this dish). If I were still in Central PA, I would probably bribe a friend for some venison and make this with venison. It’s got a lot of flavor and it really will stick with you.

I hope you enjoy the video!!