Electrolytes & Sekanjabin

I am confused as to why the cup I am holding does not contain tea or coffee.

When I started this keto diet journey back on June 1, 2020, I made sure I had done all my research. I hadn’t really had to deal with the Keto Flu that many people do. That was a bonus. In fact, within two weeks of starting, most of my autoimmune symptoms had vanished and I felt like I could safely restart my DDP Yoga program. I’m on week 6 of 13 and I’m feeling fantastic!

Except, I noticed that my blood pressure–normally 110/60 – 120/80–had crept upwards and on Monday (July 20), it was 132/98, with a pulse rate of 115-120, standing still. To the Googles! Turns out that if you’re electrolytes aren’t in balance, it can increase your blood pressure. Who knew!

I have since purchased an electrolyte powder to mix into my water, but this recipe has been a go-to. My only problem with it is magnesium has a tendency to get things moving, if you get my drift. And, for me, that can actually be a real issue since I don’t feel like I’m absorbing nutrients properly, already (celiac). I’ll try to remember to update on how the powder works for me. I’m actually going to make some this morning, once I finish this post!

Sekanjabin is a medieval drink syrup that you mix with water and it serves as a way to refresh and replenish certain electrolytes. It ranges in complexity from simple honey syrup and mint & cucumber to very complex syrups that include pomegranate and other deliciousness. Mine is super simple, keto-friendly, and made with ginger because I didn’t realize what I thought was mint was actually lemon basil.

I am eagerly looking forward to hitting my target goal (150lbs) and my stretch goal (145lbs). Not just because I’ll be in the weight range I would feel most comfortable in, but also, so I can start eating more carbs! I actually have a plan to shift into maintenance with a Mediterranean style diet (still gluten-free, obviously). I also plan on increasing my fish intake over the next few weeks (I’m not a huge fan of fish), and shifting to a thing one of my friends does called “Meatless Mondays” where it’s completely vegetarian fare. It’ll take a little bit of extra planning for me, but I think it will be better health choices.

How’s your SARs-CoV-19 lockdown going?