Eggnog – Low Carb & Dairy Free

“We can lay a trap for him and then we’ll have him, 1-2-3!”

‘Tis the season. Apparently. Because I was seeing Eggnog in the grocery store even before Samhain. It’s usually a Yuletide or Christmas drink. There are brands out there that are really good, but with my recent acquisition of intolerance to most tannins in things like whiskeys, spiced & dark rums, and gold & anjeo tequilas, I’m leery of store-bought eggnog.

Plus, I don’t really like eggnog, so why buy it?

I’ve made plenty of eggnog from scratch before. And it’s all been okay. This recipe, though. This one is the best. Naturally, I screwed up the first batch in the video, but my Lestie and her girlfriend were super giddy over it because they like sweeter drinks. So, I mean, no harm no foul. The one I taste at the end of the video is made with Swerve granulated sweetener and Heavy Cream because I do not have a problem with dairy. The filmed version is made with Truvia blended with cane sugar & stevia, and coconut milk. Both are tasty.

The hardest part is tempering the eggs. It was awkward for me to do it myself simply because a) I’m in the middle of a flare because of the weather change; and b) I was trying to stay out of the way of the camera. Behold, the silken hands of Cameraman Ken.

This concoction will last up to 3 days in the refrigerator, if you don’t just down it all in one night. If you’d like to spike it, you can add 3/4c of bourbon, spiced rum, or brandy to the entire quart of eggnog and have some fun! Just drink responsibly, please.

As is, this is a great drink for those who do not indulge in alcohol–y’know, like kids, those in AA or another sobriety program, people who just don’t like alcohol, etc. This is something I could confidently make for my parents that they may actually enjoy. Maybe heat it up, add some hot chocolate mix to it, and have a really creamy hot cocoa! Add it to your coffee as a substitute for your regular creamer. If you’re a Patron at the $5 tier or higher, you’ll have access to a video to show you what I chose to do with my eggnog!

Let me know what you think of this recipe! It’s a flavor of the holiday and it doesn’t take all that long to make. I’d love to hear your ideas about how to mix it up for the holidays!

Until next time, my Witchlettes! Blessed be!