Samhain Relaxing Potion

Fun with herbs…

This potion is for helping you to relax and clear your mind to prepare for doing divination work. I, personally, do not use potions or anything like that, so to me, this is just a super bitter tea that requires liquid stevia to be drinkable. That is your warning.

Let’s talk about the ingredients, though. We have Kava Root, Mugwort, Meadowsweat, and dried orange peel, plus your boiling water for steeping. Each of these ingredients have various spiritual properties as well as health properties.

Mugwort. Mugwort is one of the most popular herbs from the Witch’s Garden. It does have a very long history and is most commonly known for providing the bitterness to medieval beers (called gruit beers). Mugwort was also used, medicinally, to help aid with sleep, the immune system, digestion, and stress reduction. For its spiritual (or magickal, if you prefer) properties, it amplifies psychic vision and could cause prophetic dreams. It’s representative of the Goddess as Crone, encouraging wisdom and foresight or observation–especially useful during divination when confronting difficult truths. It’s not exactly psychoactive, but if you’re sensitive to thujone, which is the main component, then you’re gonna have some fun, I suppose. This is what makes the tea bitter.

Meadowsweet. Meadowsweet was the precursor to asprin because this herb contains salicylic acid (reportedly, this was discovered in 1835). Therefore, Meadowsweet is a good anti-inflammatory and pain reducer, especially for rheumatism, arthritis, and such. It also helps control hyperacidity and heartburn along with peptic ulcers, gastritis, and vomiting. Spiritually, this herb is used for protection from evil influences and promotes love, balance, and harmony. It has mild sedative properties, which are useful if you trance out when doing divination work.

Kava Root. Kava root comes from the South Pacific Islands and is a relative of the pepper family. Even in ancient times, the kava root was used in religious ceremonies as an ingredient in a drink. When consumed in excess, it has a similar effect as drinking alcohol. The natives realized the root had calming effects, so they began using it as a mind and muscle relaxer, relieving symptoms of anxiety, relieving aches and pains, and preventing nervous tension. Spiritual properties are actually similar to medicinal properties as one should be relaxed and clear-minded when conducting divination or spellwork.

Dried Orange Peel. Orange, in relation to health, is well known to have healing and preventative properties–such as being an excellent source of Vitamin C. Spiritual properties of orange include love and happiness, purification, clarity, and energy. By adding this into your potion, you’re purifying your mind and allowing clarity to rule while consulting your Tarot or Oracle cards (or whatever divination tool you prefer) or when you’re casting.

Again, I’m not a fan of bitter teas. The stevia did help to balance everything and you don’t really need a lot. If I’m going to drink a potion (or 3) to aid my clarity for divination, I want to enjoy it! But, please, do remember to consume this potion responsibly by not consuming more than 3 in an evening and not driving or operating machinery for at least an hour after your last one.

Let me know if you make this and how it works for you!

No Video

No video today. Cameraman Ken has been back for a week and we had some major house cleaning to do, because…

My burlesque endeavor is about to take off. We had to make a space for a photography shoot (Tuesday), and I’ve had to gather the last things I needed for the video shoot (Saturday). My debut show will be virtual on November 12. If you decide to purchase tickets, use the code LAVINIA to save $5 and kick me some cash from the show.

That’s it for today. I’m trying to keep my spoons manageable. I have a single edit to make in my dissertation proposal, but it’s causing me stress; the burlesque stuff is causing me stress; my brain weasels are having a field day. I hope to be able to record stuff for Thursday this week. I have videos planned, but time and energy are the two factors that are holding me back, currently.