Pendulum Work & GRAND OPENING

Yeah, I’m not sure, either

Happy (U.S.) Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for the support of all of you who have been watching my videos and reading my blogs! There are some changes afoot, namely, I’ll be redirecting from to! That’s right, I have my own domain!

Even more exciting, at least for me, is the Grand Opening of The Witchery, my very own shop for all things KWOS and Witchery! Currently, I have anointing oils and loose incenses for the sabbats (except Ostara because I don’t have some of the things I need for it), 10-packs of 33mm charcoal disks, and the simple KWOS-brand Pendulum Board used in today’s video! If you’d like to download the printable pendulum board, it’s $1.00–but you know what else you can get for $1.00? Access to my discord channel by supporting me on Patreon! And for just $5/mo, you can also get access to exclusive Patreon-only content (like a video that features Cameraman Ken, released earlier this morning)! There will be exclusive discounts for Patreon supporters, as well.

Eventually, the store will also have custom altar cloths (specific to the sabbats) which are handmade by me; custom, physical pendulum boards, KWOS attire (such as aprons and oven mits), and much more.

But enough about the excitement that is this new chapter of KWOS and more about pendulums and pendulum boards!

For me, pendulums have always had an odd place in my heard. Growing up in a very fundamentalist environment, I was always taught such things were bad. So, imagine my surprise when I went to my first metaphysical shop to get essential oils for a project I was working on, when the crystal featured in this video nearly leapt of the rack at me!

I could feel its vibrations. I could hear it calling to me. When started sifting through the crystals, it was quivering. When I brushed against it, I felt a surge of electricity rush through me and I knew it was The One. It is my favorite pendulum (noted by the fact it is not one of the missing other two), and it has never steered me wrong. Ornery as it may be (like its manipulator), it gives the answers it believes is correct and best to the questions asked.

It’s pants at locating missing items, though. Note the still-missing other two crystals.

To use the pendulum board, print it off and place it on a flat surface (any flat surface will do). Ground and center yourself, focusing your intentions. When you are ready, hold your pendulum out from your body and say, “Show me a Yes.” Allow the pendulum to move in whatever manner it has selected to designate yes. Follow that desire with, “Show me a No,” and allow it to do so. This way, you will be prepared just in case your pendulum decides to be ornery and not follow the notations on the pendulum board.

Now, hold your pendulum over the center of the pendulum board and focus your intention. Ask your yes/no question and allow the pendulum to move where it needs. You will notice there are two Yes, two No, two Maybe, and two Uncertain on the board. Each has a significance.

YesBottom = This is a new path that you must go down (Yes, don’t be scared) // Top = Time to push forward with this (Yes!!)

NoRight = Have strength and don’t give up (No, right now…) // Left = Let it go, it no longer serves you (No.)

UnknownBottom Right = It’s time to try some manifestation to make things happen (Affirmations, visualizations, etc) // Upper Left = Practice gratitude and review lessons previously learned (You’re missing something important; reflect)

MaybeBottom Left = Only you can inspire action and create options (This is completely in your hands) // Top Right = More needs to be released in order to find clarity (You aren’t sure what you want, perhaps there’s trauma you need to address?)

If you’re looking for more probing questions, I would recommend a more detailed pendulum board. Many resemble spirit boards with letters and numbers on them for the crystal to spell out answers for you. I will, eventually, offer this type in my shop, as well. You would use them in the same way, writing down the letters/numbers the pendulum points to.

I hope you found this video and post useful! Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think! Also, feel free to share this with others. Have a blessed Thanksgiving (if you’re in the U.S.) and we’ll be back with more next week!

Blessed be.