New Video: Turkey Hand Pies

Enjoy the beautiful disaster!

In a world where everything could go wrong… it does! Well, not everything. The pasties turned out delicious! I just missed some bits in the filming. And there seems to be a lot of “Rocky, move!” being yelled. Rocky is my youngest kitty (at 11!) and is a black and white sweet boi who just happens to love fish, turkey, chicken, and rum. He makes an appearance in the video. Cats make everything better. 🙂 Please enjoy!

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BONUS Video!

This has been an interesting week. I’ve been fighting depression, anxiety, and ADHD all wrapped up in a neat little package I call my Brain. So, I decided to do an extra video, this week, for a quick breakfast item. I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about this dish before.

I am very much a nerd.

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New Video: Braised Beef & Roasted Parsnips

Tasty dinner! Tip your waitress!

This is a rather simple meal featuring boned and rolled beef ribs that have a two-part roasting session. A total roasting time of 85 minutes and the meat is tender and cooked to perfection! The parsnips, a little under done for my taste, start off on the boil, then get roasted in the oven, as well. Very delicious and very satisfying.