New Video: GF Sourdough Starter

It’s like watching bacteria grow… only better.

I made a sourdough starter! I followed King Arthur Flour‘s guide to making the starter, only I’m sure I didn’t do it completely correctly all the way through. Which is fine since I still ended up with a starter and I’ve used said starter in some sourdough hamburger buns for dinner tonight (and video for next Tuesday)! They smell amazing.

I’m filming every night this week. My day off was Monday–and that’s only because I didn’t realize my sourdough buns were going to need to prove for 8+ hours. Oops. We bought corn dogs (they make gluten-free ones) and had a junk food night. It was much appreciated.

Make sure you’re subscribed to the channel and ring the notification bell so you can be alerted when new videos are uploaded! You won’t want to miss Thursday’s video–we’re makin’ chickie nuggies and using 3 different Torchbearer sauces for dipping sauce–which is where tonight’s dinner idea was born (but you’ll have to wait til next Tuesday for that video)!

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