Portable Altar & How to Cast a Magic Circle

It’s been a busy week…

First of all, apologies that this video is late. It’s been a busy week! Another gig I have going on is for burlesque and I just found out that I’ll be debuting on November 12 (if you buy tickets, use the code LAVINIA for a $5 discount)! I’ve been frantically trying to find a space to rent to record my act and find a videographer!

But, anyway!

Portable altars are super awesome. I especially take them with me when I travel–you never know when you’ll need one! I purchased a set of tins from Amazon, then used acrylic paint on them. As you can see, the paint chips pretty easily, but, it’s fine for me. You can decorate these with anything you’d like. You can even just use an empty Altoids tin, if you’d like.

You’ll want to include some sort of representation of the directions/elements. I, personally, use a crystal for earth, sea shells for water, incense cones (but, I’m switching to feathers) for air, and a tea light for fire. I also keep a mini Bic lighter and a small bell in there. There are a bunch of things you can put into it, including a swatch of cloth for an altar cloth, if you’re so inclined.

When you set up your altar for casting your magic circle, don’t do what I did and flip North and South. North is where you place Earth, not fire. South is where you place Fire, not earth. East is Air; West is Water. In the grander scheme, I’m sure it doesn’t matter. The Guardians still came, but it does explain why they were snickering. Regardless, there are many ways to cast a Magic Circle, and many reasons. I cast one when I want to be protected from other entities because I am, among other things, a medium. Spirits talk to me frequently, sometimes even through me–and sometimes without consent because they don’t know any better! So, a Magic Circle offers me some protection against outside forces. The Circle can be as big or as small as you need it. When I deal with banishments, I tend to extend the circle to the entire house and grounds; simple spell work is usually just the room where it happens, and sometimes, not at all. I don’t tend to cast Circles for when I’m cooking. I just focus intent; Hestia’s personal altar is in my kitchen, so I don’t really have to do too much. She’s already there.

As we move toward the New Year (Samhain), I will start doing a few more videos for Sabbat-specific rituals, crafts, etc. If there is anything specific you’d like to see or have me write about, please feel free to leave a comment–here or on the video! Also consider checking out my Patreon and supporting me in my endeavors to entertain and educate!

…now, back to rehearsing for a karaoke sing-through of Hamilton tonight, and for my burlesque act!

Mabon Bath Salts

Look! I’m actually FANCY!

Mabon is a Sabbat that celebrates the end of summer and the beginning of autumn and the second harvest. This year, it falls on September 22. Mabon, similarly to Lughnasadh, is a time of Thanksgiving and gratitude. What better way to get into the spirit of giving thanks than by thanking yourself for surviving the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that has been 2020 and taking a ritual bath!

Honestly, I just like using bath salts whenever I can. They’re easy to make and it’s so relaxing to use them. This one is a two-parter, so you’ll need two containers to make it work.

You’ll need dried chamomile, sage, and rosemary; sea salt, baking soda, and sandalwood essential oil. How much you want to use is up to you. Standard ratios are as follows: 1:1:1:1 on the dried plants to water (1 T each, 1 cup water) and 1/2c sea salt, 1 T baking soda, and about 5-6 drops sandalwood.

You’re going to put your herbs and water in a pot and simmer them for about 3 minutes. Turn off the heat, let them cool.

In the meantime, mix your sea salt and baking soda together, then add your essential oil and mix thoroughly. Put into a shatter-proof container (or live dangerously, like I do, and use a mason jar). I use a 4oz mason jar for these and pack the salt mixture into them. when you use it for your bath, you’ll use approximately half of the jar.

Once the decoction has cooled, strain it using either a cheesecloth or a fine mesh strainer. You should be able to fill a 4oz jar with the liquid. When you go to draw your bath, pour in your salt first and dissolve it in the water, then add 2oz of your decoction and blend it into the water as well. Climb into your tub and relax and focus on the many things you have to be thankful for.

You can make it more of a ritual, if you would like–light candles, cast a magic circle, whatever you’d like to do. I tend to keep my baths simple. Spend as much time as you require soaking in the energy of Mabon and the Equinox.

Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. Blessed be.

Witch’s Bells

Excitedly recording by myself.

So, first of all, I’ve heard these items called many different names: Witch Bells, Witches Bells, Witch’s Bells, etc. Call them what you want. I call them Witch’s Bells and, though popular in Wicca, are used by many different religions throughout the world. I’m not Wiccan, for example, and I still use them on my door to ward off malicious or ill-intended spirits and energy.

You could buy some via one of the many sellers on Etsy. There certainly are some beautiful ones available. I, however, cannot do that. As a very strong empath (like, I can see the evil spirits manipulating and taking over certain people–also, that link, if you are like me, will knock you out of your chair), I have to spend energy to strip tools and protective items of the energies put in by the creator so those energies do not conflict with mine or my households. I’ve been told my energy is very warm and sparkly, that it’s quite unique. Unique energies, in my experience, do not play well with others. Cameraman Ken and I have a balance in our energies and our fur babies contribute to that balance. If the balance is off, the first one to notice is Midnite and he will not stop telling me about it.

So, I make my things. Or I buy things that are not intended for spiritual worship and imbue them, myself. Which is what we’re doing with this decorative piece.

Really, you can use anything you want to make these. I chose to use a ring, cotton yarn, and 4 silver bells. Since I had made one around Imbolc, I removed that one from my door, thanked it for it’s service and removed the bells, expressing my desire for them to continue their service. This isn’t a requirement; it’s just what I do. I cut lengths of yarn in yellow (for fire), white (for air), tan (for earth), and blue (for water) and tied them to the ring. I wrapped the ring in tan and blue because my Sun sign is Capricorn–the Sea Goat. Earth sign, born in a Water month (December). Earth and Water ground me and recharge me. You can, of course, choose whatever speaks to you.

You do not have to imbue your bells if you do not wish to. I do. This is an anytime of year project and can be changed as little or as much as you desire. I would love to see examples of the ones you create! You can share them with me via Discord, or pop over to Patreon and for as little as $2/mo, you can message me there and share your thoughts and spells and attempts and success and failures! I welcome them all!

Blessed Ostara!

“From water to fire, from earth to air…” (IllWill Press)

Merry meet and blessed be!

I was originally going to host an Ostara Circle, but California is taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously and has enacted bans on groups of 10 or more people, as well as non-essential travel. So, I hosted it virtually!

If you go to the YouTube video, the spell is in the description. Please feel free to use it, as you may need. Feel free to change the words to be more appropriate to you. Most importantly, though, stay safe; stay healthy.