Newest Video: Shepherd’s Pie w/Rutabaga Topping

No shepherds were harmed in the making of this video.

Hello! And welcome to the day before the last day of public interactions! This video was filmed Saturday, March 14, in the morning. I and my husbeast/cameraman were going to drop off House-Guest-Xander in Santa Paula and then head to Newberry Park for gaming with some friends. While we were drinking tequila and eating delicious food, Governor Newsom put California on lockdown for the Coronavirus. We had one more public outing on Sunday (brunch with our new Reeve and Reevess for her birthday!), and then the moritorium came in.

This Shepherd’s Pie was a huge hit with the gamers. Each bite elicited responses of, “Ohm’go’ thi’is so goo’!” and “Ru’abaga?! Really?!” So, it went over well! As did the Heathen Cakes. As we face the real possibility of a strictly enforced quarantine, I’ll start into videos explaining how the poor of the medieval times extended the life of beef and other meats and rely on some budget-friendly cooking to help get us all through this Plague (hey, ’20s…we didn’t want a repeat of 1920… or 1820… or 1720…..).

Please stay safe and make sure to follow me on Facebook for the twice weekly classes on helathcare and other “witchery” things to keep you safe during the lockdown/quarantine.